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Operation F.A.M.

About Operation F.A.M.

The name Operation F.A.M. (For Ann Marie) was inspired by the passing of Ann Marie Wilson in 2011. Operation F.A.M. was founded in 2013. Its mission is focused on empowering young people between the ages of 14 and 25 to take control of their lives. Operation F.A.M. provides young people with key information that will allow them to make educated choices with their life plans and finances.

Additionally, Operation F.A.M. offers the partnership of support, practical knowledge, and inspiration to achieve self defined success in career and in life. The lessons learned in our workshops are timeless tokens necessary to efficiently and successfully achieve personal and financial goals.

Operation F.A.M. provides the partnership of support, practical information and inspiration to achieve self-defined success in career and life. Youth and young adults in urban communities, transitioning into college and the workforce, face many challenges. Youth and young adults form urban communities have difficulty with various issues from adapting to new cultures to handling personal finances; often, without any support systems in place to help them navigate this daunting change.

Operation F.A.M. will provide information that will help youth and young adults from urban communities who are unfamiliar with college and the workplace continue to develop skills and advance in their careers. Operation F.A.M. offers youth and young adults, 14-25 years of age, a comfortable atmosphere in which they can share, grow, and network with other individuals from similar backgrounds who have recently made the same transitions into school and/or the workforce. Operation F.A.M. offers support for three aspects of life: professional development, academic guidance, and financial literacy.

The Operation F.A.M. organization activities will fall under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, qualifying to be tax exempt for organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, literary, and/or educational purposes.

Our Mission

Operation F.A.M.’s mission is to provide workshops, lectures, and developmental services that provides the most relevant and quality education and resources in the areas of professional development, academics, and personal finance in urban communities in order to assist in youth and young adults in entering, succeeding, and surviving in today’s workforce and economy.

Our Vision

Operation F.A.M.’s vision is to inspire millions of youth and young adults from urban communities to take control of their lives by making more informed and strategic decisions about academics, personal finance, and professional development using the knowledge they have learned in our program.

Ann Marie Wilson